Our Landscaping Services

Landscape Maintenance


We have been maintaining residential and commercial landscapes in Santa Barbara County for over 20 years.


Hardscape Construction


Landscaping Design such as Retaining Walls, Water Features, Patios, Driveways.

There are many landscaping companies in Santa Barbara but just a few have more than 20 years of experience like Perez landscaping, Inc. we provide Landscaping services since 1994.

Sidewalks and Patios


  We consider sidewalks and patios to be among our specialties, Whether big or small, we do it all.  

Decks and Stairs


 Whether it’s a wooden deck and stairs or stone stairs and walkways, we  can accommodate your needs. From fixing the current decks and stairs to  tearing them out and replacing the whole thing, we’ll help you achieve  your goals.

Paver Sealing


 Sealing a paver patio or driveway using a wet look stabilizing sealer, enriches it and seals brick paving surfaces creating a dark semi-gloss  sheen while simultaneously fusing the joint sand between the pavers.  It  is a sprayed on application and it offers great stain and environmental  protection along with being heat and freeze resistant.  This is a great  way to enhance a new or existing patio. 

Irrigation Systems


 We’ll design an irrigation plan for your home that will ensure that your  lawn and flowerbeds will always have the optimum amount of water.